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Computer Services

I’m still around to set up, recommend and repair your computers. No need to drive for hours to get work done. Save gas and time on top of exorbitant labour rates by getting work done here in town, I have served Fort St James computer and Internet users for over 26 years! I work from home or I can come to you, no longer a storefront.
Call or text 996-4008

Got a Bug in your computer?

Computers can bug you to no end!

I can help! Virus and malware removals, recover your files, or show you how to do something you’re having trouble with. I can adjust your settings and show you which software to avoid to maximize your privacy as well. I also often have rebuilt systems available for less than it would cost to repair your older computer. Most jobs cost $50-$100 and seniors are welcome. I are one!
No nonsense advice. If you’re not going to lug your computer around or you’re a gamer, I will be honest enough to advise you not to buy a laptop. If you just want Facebook and the Internet, I can help you avoid overspending. Best of all, I will advise you not to underspend as nothing is worse than a new machine that quickly disappoints you.

I also do web hosting and low cost sites for local business and friends. Nothing super fancy, we want them to see what your business does, not see just flashy graphics. Yes! I’ve seen $10,000 websites that forgot to put the phone number and address of the hotel they were supposed to be advertising.
One service, all inclusive. No $100 per help call, or to change the phone number or manager’s name on your site. And yes a real dot com or dot ca, not a budget buddy FB or weebly page,

Often I have some low cost refurbished computers and laptops on hand if you’re looking for a 2nd one or a budget replacement.

New! fortstjames.com on your phone

It’s been cold and nasty outside and after watching 2 years of cooking videos I have no one to cook for. So I decided to create a mobile version of the fortstjames.com website. If you visit fortstjaames.com with the browser on your phone you will be redirected to pages that render decently on a small screen.
A much simpler experience with mainly text and better button links to what’s here in town. restaurant phone numbers and menus and info for visitors. Banks, stores, medical and services are right there at your fingertips. Give it a try! If you have any comments or suggestions about it email them to admin@fortstjames.com

Web Hosting

Registration, hosting, security certificate, minor updating in one low cost yearly package for local entities.
fortstjames.com .net .info .org
gastalk.ca .net
nechako.net .info
sanaaihmarket.com & .ca

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